Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Hair Raising Experience

One of the most simple routine thing for men has to be getting a Hair-Cut ! But for years together now, For, Your's truly this has been one of the most stressfull, dreaded and un-awaited moment every oder month. ! Even without having a curly mess of hair, the nest on my head has been worthy enough of some jokes, wisecracks from friends and people across my life span and friends, colleagues, cousins and some not so close people too !

So before a stage of life comes where there is no hair left on my head, i thought its a good idea to compile a list of the funny things for posterity. ! Here goes ..
  • Dukaan Band Karo yaar.. Santosh aaya baal katane ( Aslam the barber in my housing colony, the guy who i troubled for the most years, throughout my childhood to teeens )
  • Kal Aana... Kainchi (Scissor) Nayi lani padegi ! ( Same as above )
  • Yeh Tu Baal Katvake Aaya hai ya Katvanne Jaa raha hai ! ( Mom ! When she found almost no difference after i came home from my haircut )
  • Hum logon se 10 Rupees lete hai ! Tere se 25 toh kam se kam leta hoga na !( A Friend)
  • What do they use to cut your hair ?? a Lawn mower ? ( The most common one ! i hate this one now !! )
  • Santo ! how do you look like when you have a hair raising experience !
  • Bloody they should give me money for cutting my hair, They must be getting a fortune selling my hair ! ( Myself :-) )
  • Grand Saloon wale nayi dukaan mere baal bech ke hi toh banai hai !( Me Again )
  • Tu topi pehen ke nikla kar yaar ! Kawa confuse ho jaata hai... uska ghosla chal kaise raha hai !! ( one horrible friend )
  • What is the difference in your weight before and after of a haircut ( A cousin )
May many more come my way till my stocks last !


Gee said...

Oooooooh,almost after a year you come up with something to write on your blog.Kudos!

Santosh said...

hehe Geets ! Good comeback na :-)